24K Bright Gold Plating Solution - Bath
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Our Economy Bright Gold Solution contains less gold than our Deluxe Bright Gold Solution, but will still give you that beautiful gold finish you are looking for.

This bath plating solution is a hard, acid gold that is specially designed to produce a bright 24K, 18K, & 14K (99.7% purity) hardened gold plate. This solution can effectively plate to a thickness of 1.25-1.5 microns in a single deposit. Additional layers can be plated, and may require light polishing between layers.

One gallon contains 3 grams of fine gold. 

What you will need to use this solution properly: 

Economy Bright Gold Solution requires a type 316 stainless steel anode, a bagged graphite anode, or a platinized titanium anode. Set voltage meter to 2-3V (2.7 is optimal). The time to deposit one micron is ~15 minutes, and the solution should be at 100°F.  

Our Economy Bright Gold Solution is an electroplating bath solution that requires  electroplating equipment such as our Jewel Master Pro HD  or ProLab cm which will have everything you need including the following minimum required items.


Please note that using plating solutions with less gold content than our Deluxe Bright Gold has its risks - it will reduce deposit rates and increase the length of time a piece will need to be plated to achieve a particular gold thickness. It also causes more difficulties in maintaining a healthy bath. While the Economy Solution is shelf stable when bottled and sealed, once it is exposed to environmental factors and gold begins to be plated out of it, it is more prone to issues.

Minimum Required Items

  1. A source of direct current voltage with a controllable voltage range of one to six volts, (1 VDC - 6 VDC).
  2. A suitable container to hold the solution. 
  3. A solution electrode or anode made of the proper material, (see the Technical Data Sheet), to apply the positive electrical charge to the solution.
  4. A means to heat and maintain temperature.
  5. A common lead or ground clip that will provide electrical connectivity from the negative (-) terminal of the power source and the item being plated.
  6. A plating rack to hold the parts in the solution and provide electrical contact with the negative terminal of the power source. 

Contains 3 grams of fine gold / 1.93 pennyweights per gallon

Check out our Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them.  

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be found HERE

Technical Data Sheets (TDS) can be found HERE

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

Are you throwing out perfectly good gold? 

We sell fine gold replenisher by the gram to add to your existing gold bath. 1 gram of fine gold per 1 fluid ounce of solution. 

Check out our gold replenisher page for more details. 

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Oscar R.
United States United States

Awesome Worked great I will be ordering more soon

Gold Plating Service Economy 24K, 18K, & 14K Bright Gold Bath Plating Solution Review
Henry SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Great product

Eric SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

If you need gold bath solution the don’t wast your money on the Economy type they don’t offer smaller quantities and by the time you have to buy the deluxe 24k gold to finish the fill you now have neither the economy nor the deluxe content and waste money. Just go with the Deluxe and avoid the hassle and get the content to plate quicker and more predictably.