24K Gold Plating Solution - Pen
24K Gold Plating Solution - Pen 24K Gold Plating Solution - Pen 24K Gold Plating Solution - Pen 24K Gold Plating Solution - Pen

24K Pen Gold Plating Solution  This cobalt hardened acid gold electroplating solution is ideally suited for fine select applications such as printed circuit board fingers, electrical contacts, decorative designs and masked area's. The super high gold content and the finely tuned recipe of brighteners and hardeners make our pen gold the best solution for your 24K pen plating requirements.

Does not contain free cyanide.

24K Pen Gold requires a Stainless Steel Anode, meter set at 4 - 6 Volts, plating time is as required and the recommended temperature is room temperature.

This solution is ideal for plating very small areas. It has an extremely high gold content, and the gold goes on fast! Use this gold with a 'fine-select tip' in a 'combination handle'. It's amazing how easily you can plate tiny areas with precision. A little goes a long way!

What you will need to use this solution properly: 

Our 24K Pen Gold Solution is an electroplating solution that requires the proper  electroplating equipment such as our "Brush Plating Kits" which will have everything you need including the following minimum required items.

Minimum Required Items

  1. A source of direct current voltage with a controllable voltage range of one to six volts, (1 VDC - 6 VDC).
  2. An absorbent application Tip, Medium or Ultra-Fine, that will carry the solution. 
  3. An application handle that will hold the application Tip and provide electrical connectivity to the positive terminal of the power source.
  4. A common lead or ground clip that will provide electrical connectivity from the negative (-) terminal of the power source and the surface being plated.

Check out our Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them.  

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be found HERE

Technical Data Sheets (TDS) can be found HERE

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Tyler O.
Great gold!

This is great for two-tone plating, really good solution, and lasts forever. Gold looks great