24K Pure Gold Plating Solution - Bath
24K Pure Gold Plating Solution - Bath 24K Pure Gold Plating Solution - Bath 24K Pure Gold Plating Solution - Bath

24k Pure Gold Bath Solution is an extremely efficient, neutral pH, water-clear gold plating solution designed to produce a gold electro-deposit of 99.9+% purity to virtually any desired thickness for surfaces used in the medical, semi-conductor, electronic, and PWB industries where soft, high purity gold is required. Cathode efficiency 98%+  This solution should not be used for Jewelry.

Note: Due to the grain structure of this type of gold deposit the reflective qualities of the surface will become noticeably “matte” with increased thickness.

Electro-deposited gold will be equivalent to Type III, Grade A, specifications as indicated in MIL-DTL- 45204D, as follows;

One liter contains 2.5 grams of fine gold; more gold per fluid ounce than our Bright Gold solutions. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This solution requires a Platinum Plated Titanium Anode.

What you will need to use this solution properly: 

Our 24K Pure Gold Solution Bath requires the proper equipment and supplies to be used. We recommend electroplating equipment such as our Jewel Master Pro HD or ProLab cm which will have everything you need for most applications including the following minimum required items.

Minimum Required Items

  1. A source of direct current voltage with a controllable voltage range of one to six volts, (1 VDC - 6 VDC).
  2. A suitable container to hold the solution. 
  3. Platinum Anode to apply the positive electrical charge to the solution.
  4. A means to heat and maintain temperature.
  5. A common lead or ground clip that will provide electrical connectivity from the negative (-) terminal of the power source and the item being plated.
  6. A plating rack to hold the parts in the solution and provide electrical contact with the negative terminal of the power source. 

Check out our Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them.  

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be found HERE

Technical Data Sheets (TDS) can be found HERE

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.


Are you throwing out perfectly good gold? 

We sell fine gold replenisher by the gram to add to your existing gold bath. 1 gram of fine gold per 1 fluid ounce of solution. 

Check out our gold replenisher page for more details. 




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This solution is "Pure Gold"

Just used this solution today to plate about 20 parts, and they all turned out great! Quality solution, good price, and easy to use, just make sure to heat it up, works better at about 150° F!