Air Agitation Kit - without anode
Air Agitation Kit - without anode Air Agitation Kit - without anode

Air Agitation Kit - Without Anode  Many plating solutions perform better when there is agitation between the item being plated and the solution. Agitation keeps fresh plating solution in contact with the surface being plated. 

Our Air Agitation Kit includes the air pump, tubing, control valve, and air diffuser along with a diagram to show how the kit is normally used in a small systems such as the Jewel Master, FreeStyle and Single Auxiliary Units. The tubing and diffuser are normally attached to the anode(s) as shown below. We offer stainless steel, platinum, graphitecopper and bagged nickel anodes set up with clips to hold the tubing and diffuser. 

Places where agitation is very beneficial is when plating thick deposits (more than one micron) of our 24K Bright Gold Solution or our 24K Pure Gold Solution. In these cases, solution agitation can reduce hazing and help the gold plate be more evenly distributed. Bright Nickel Plate also performs much better with agitation when plating longer than one minute. Our Bright Acid Copper Solution requires air agitation to maintain free oxygen in the solution that allows the copper anode to dissolve and maintain the copper level of the solution. 

Solution agitation can be provided by pumping, stirring - such as a magnetic stirrer, movement of the item being plated (handheld short duration plating) or by air agitation for longer plating timesFor smaller systems, air agitation is generally the most economical method of providing agitation. 

Once an air agitation kit has been used for a solution it should not be used in any other solution.  

Check out our Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them.