Universal Plater Kit

Universal Plater Kit  gives you the equipment you need to quickly set up and plate these projects without the bother of constantly changing tips, handles or solution beakers.

Gold plating is a fun satisfying process that can be incorporated into many different types of businesses or personal projects.

The Universal Plater Kit comes with complete instructions and everything needed for gold plating onto most conductive metal surfaces. With the Universal Plater gold plating is easy to learn; the kit includes a step-by-step tutorial that guarantees your first plating experience will be fun and successful. If you ever have questions about other types of work we provide unlimited free technical support.

*This kit is not capable of stripping chrome. Please refer to our Universal Plater - Chrome Edition if you need to strip chrome prior to plating. Chrome Stripping Solution will not work with this version.

Check out our New Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them. 

Plating onto Stainless Steel - Option 2 Setup

 Plating onto Nickel - Option 1 Setup

Gold Plating a Stainless Steel Knife - Option 2 Setup

Gold Plating onto Guns - Option 2 Setup

Universal Plater Pricing 

Total price for the Universal Plater, (less shipping), as shown above and described below.......

$874.99 (Option 1) - Standard Universal kit - All included items are listed below.

$899.99 (Option 2) - Includes all items in standard kit plus - (1) 8 oz Wood's Nickel Strike and (3) Additional 1/4" Application Sleeves. Options 2 comes with all solutions needed to plate onto stainless steel.

The standard Universal Plater kit Includes:
  • (1) -  Universal Plater Machine - This kit will NOT plate onto chrome surfaces
  • (1) - 12 volt, 10 ampere power supply
  • (3) - Color coded Combination Application Handles, complete with Stainless Steel 1/8" to 1/4" Conversion Bits (Anodes) and Common Lead Wire with with Alligator Clip.
  • (1) - 1/8" Stainless Steel Bit
  • (1) - 1/8" to 1/4" Nickel Conversion Bit (Anode for the Wood's Nickel Strike)
  • (6) - 1/4" Application Sleeves - (3) Additional sleeves with Option 2 Only
  • (3) - 1/8" Applications Sleeves
  • (3) - Ultra fine Pen Plating Tips
  • (3)  - Medium Pen Plating Tips
  • (1) - Additional 4 oz Select Working Solution Beaker
  • Safety Goggles/Gloves

    Chemicals included in the Universal Plater Kit:

    • (1) - 1 oz jar 24K High Concentration Pen Plating Gold Solution containing 1.4 grams fine gold. Coverage- 220 square inches to a thickness of 20 micro-inches - 0.5 microns 
    • (1) - 4 oz jar 24K Brush Plating Gold Solution Gel containing two grams fine gold content. Coverage 300 square inches to a thickness of 20 micro-inches - 0.5 Microns
    • (1) - 8 oz jar Bright Nickel plating solution 
    • (1) - 8 oz bottle Electro-Cleaner Solution 
    • (1) - 8 oz bottle Surface Activator Solution
    • (1) - 8 oz bottle of Wood's Nickel Strike - Only with Option 2 (Needed for plating onto stainless steel surfaces.) 
        *IMPORTANT: The International Version of the Universal Plater - Option 2 with Wood's Nickel Strike will NOT include ready to use Wood's Nickel Strike. This solution must ship by ground transportation only. Therefore, we cannot ship this solutions to any destination requiring air transport. 
    Woods Nickel Concentrate can easily be fabricated into Wood's Nickel Strike Solution, instructions are included with your purchase. You will need Woods Nickel Concentrate, Hydrochloric Acid and Distilled water.

    Instruction manual with color photos of set-up, step by step beginners tutorial and operational details on the use of the Universal Plater. Includes all Safety Data Sheet's for solutions.

    Users Guide - Click here

    California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

    Aluminum - Bare aluminum cannot be plated onto with any of our kits.  Aluminum requires a specialized under-plate process that is not suitable for consumer level plating operations. This process must be performed on an industrial level by trained professionals. We do not sell the process or provide support for plating onto unprepared aluminum surfaces. Any attempts to plate onto bare aluminum with our products will not work, please purchase with this in mind. 

    If you have a project that requires plating onto aluminum, you may consider sending the parts to Gold Plating Services to be plated by our technicians.  We can provide the required nickel under-plate for a nominal charge. We can then gold plate or chrome plate your item or return it with the nickel under-plate.  After the aluminum has the proper nickel plate it can then be plated with the metal you desire using our Universal or Jewel Master Series kits.


    Please watch this video to learn how to prep your sleeves:


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    Trey N.
    United States United States

    Awesome customer service

    Like anything starting out is a learning curve ! But I was very pleased with there customer service helped me out with any questions or problems I had very happy with my purchase of the ( universal gold plater #2 ) will continue to purchase from and expand on my setup !

    Gold Plating Service Universal Plater Kit Review
    Aaron E.
    United States United States

    Definately Fun!

    This kit is awesome! Make sure to study the guide, and practice, because when you nail that first official gold plating project, it'll feel epic!

    Gold Plating Service Universal Plater Kit ReviewGold Plating Service Universal Plater Kit Review
    Jermaine T.
    United States United States

    Perfect set

    Absolutely great

    Donald G.
    United States United States


    Did a couple of practice pieces. Turned out nice. Instruction video very helpful. Really like the kit.

    Greg W.
    United States United States


    So easy to use and set up makes a durable buitifull finish.just follow the directions.high quality profeshinal kit