Brilliant Rhodium Plating Solution - Brush



Brilliant Rhodium Brush Plating Solution is an acid based plating solution which produces a bright white, tarnish and corrosion resistant surface. Rhodium is in the platinum metal group and can be plated directly onto platinum, gold or nickel.  If a copper followed by nickel underplate is used, you can plate onto copper and silver alloys. Always us a Platinized Titanium Anode with this solution. Brush plate at 3-4 volts using a platinized anode and standard sleeve.

What you will need to use this solution properly: 

Our Brilliant Rhodium Brush Plating Solution is an electroplating bath that requires the proper equipment and supplies to be used. We recommend electroplating equipment such as our "PCB Repair Kit" or "Universal Plater". Either of these kits with the addition of a platinized anode will have everything you need to apply this solution for most applications, including the following minimum required items.

Minimum Required Items

  1. A source of direct current with a controllable voltage range of one to six volts, (1 VDC - 6 VDC).
  2. An absorbent application "sleeve" that will carry the solution. 
  3. A platinized solution electrode,(anode or plating bit), to apply the positive electrical charge to the solution soaked application sleeve.
  4. An application handle that will hold the anode/sleeve and provide electrical connectivity to the positive terminal of the power source.
  5. A common lead or ground clip that will provide electrical connectivity from the negative, (-) terminal of the power source and the surface being plated.

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