TriVal 24K Acid Gold Strike - Bath or Brush (Continental US Only)



IMPORTANT NOTE: This solution requires a platinum plated titanium anode.

Gold Plating Services’ TriVal 24K Acid Gold Strike plating solution is a fully complexed 24K acid gold strike/acid (potassium auric-cyanide) electroplating formulation. We have developed this gold process to be used as a pre-treatment step that will allow the user to plate 24karat gold directly onto extremely difficult to plate alloys such as stainless steel, Invar or Kovar, (even chrome). The secret to the superiority of Gold Plating Services’ TriVal 24 K Acid Gold Strike is the 24 karat acid gold strike (potassium auric-cyanide) complex. The tightly bound complex allows this superior gold strike solution to have a pH of less than 1. This super-aggressive solution ensures concurrent activation and deposition of a thin layer of metallic gold for maximum adhesion.

Because of it's low cathode efficiency this solution is best used as a pretreatment only.  The final gold deposit should be applied using a high efficiency solution such as our 24K Bright Gold Solution or 24K Pure Gold Solution.

Check out our New Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them. 

This product is shipped in 1 liter containers ground UPS only!

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