Application Sleeve - 1/4" Wooley Sleeve
Application Sleeve - 1/4" Wooley Sleeve Application Sleeve - 1/4" Wooley Sleeve Application Sleeve - 1/4" Wooley Sleeve

Application Sleeve - 1/4" Wooley Sleeve  These high solution capacity sleeves are used on 1/4" anodes. This is the best sleeve for chrome stripping, nickel activation, nickel plating, or other applications where a large volume of solution needs to be carried. This specially designed sleeve system is made up with two parts: a liner to insure excellent electrical contact with the anode and an outer sleeve to hold a large volume of solution.

Sleeves can be reused with same solution until worn through or cross-contaminated with another solution.  Simply let them dry out on the anode or store in an appropriate container until the next use. 

Check out our Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them.

Note: The sleeve in this image is shown installed on a 1/8" to 1/4" Conversion bit. All sleeves are sold separately and do not include any anodes or bits.

This video is important to note for all sleeves to achieve a good outcome when plating


Customer Reviews

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Mark Marquez

The Wooley sleeve works great!! Never had any problems with any supplies I purchased.


As ordered for brush plating hold large amounts of plating solution. Thanks

Dan Schillinger
Nice item but..

First off these are quality items- they are all clean, uniform, and well packaged. I’ve been plating for a long time and have yet to find the perfect brush plate brush/tips. These are great for large surfaces. But, I wish there was a reference photo for scale. I was looking for a smaller wooley/contact point more detailed brush plating. Maybe I missed the size description and either way I’d order again if the need arises.

Ricardo U Jobity
Great product

Very easy to use step by step I just wish the prices was a little bit cheaper being a beginner and all.

Manuel G.
Good stuff

All the products here are top notch