Four Module System for Plating Nickel and Gold onto Most Metals including Stainless Steel Using TriVal Gold Strike Activation

This ProLab cm Four Module System for steel and stainless steel was designed for applications that may or may not require a nickel underplate followed by gold plating onto a steel or stainless steel item. A popular example of this application is decorative gold plating onto surgical equipment such as hemostats, clamps or scissors. Another common application is nickel and gold plating onto all types of guns & firearms.

Steel and especially stainless steel require special activation of the surface to be plated. TriVal Gold Strike is a proprietary method of providing this activation developed by Gold Plating Services. The cost of activating steel and stainless steel with TriVal is a little higher but there are many advantages to gold strike activation. One important advantage is that after activation a visual inspection of the surface will confirm that the surface was activated properly. Another advantage of activation with TriVal is that some plating specifications do not allow the use of any nickel in the plating process. An example of this is jewelry items to be marketed to the European Union. No nickel is allowed in the process. However, when nickel is used the Bright Nickel Plate following the activation provides a smooth, hard, beautiful surface for the gold plating to follow.  

The beauty of the ProLab cm systems is that should your process requirements change, a Four Module system can easily be expanded to a Five Module system with the addition of another process module such as the Bright Copper Module or even a Six Module system with the addition of yet another process module such as a Rhodium or Palladium Module. The expansion of the ProLab cm is easy without requiring any changes to your original system.

This system comes with everything you need to plate nickel and or gold onto properly prepared steel or stainless steel. 

Accessories Included:

  • (4) Power Towers with accessory components 
  • (1) Non-Heated 4000 mL Glass Beaker with Titanium Anode Frame for the Trival
  • (3) Heated 4000 mL glass beakers with titanium anode frames for the Electro cleaner, Bright Nickel, & Bright Gold
  • (4) 2000 mL rinse beakers
  • (4) ProLab stainless steel anode inserts (Electro Clean)
  • (2) 8" ProLab graphite anode inserts (TriVal)
  • (2) 8" ProLab bagged nickel anodes inserts (Bright Nickel Strike)
  • (2) 6" ProLab bagged graphite anode inserts (Bright Gold)
  • (1) 30 v/40 amp power supply (For use with the Electrocleaner and TriVal)
  • (1) 30 v/10 amp power supply (For use with the Gold and Bright Nickel)
  • (1) Air pump and tubing for the Bright Nickel and Bright Gold 
  • (1) Sample plating rack
  • (4) Beaker caps
  • (1) Safety Kit (goggles/gloves)

Solutions Included:

  • (1) Gallon of Electro Clean Solution
  • (4) Liters of TriVal Acid Gold Strike 
  • (1) Gallon of Bright Nickel
  • (1) Gallon of 24K Bright Gold

TriVal Solution must be shipped UPS GROUND