Universal Plater - Dip Plating Accessory Kit


SKU: Universal Dip

Introducing our new Immersion plating add on kit for the Universal Plating Systems. This new system allows you to do immersion plating onto smaller items without having to buy a whole new kit. To see how this system works watch the video below. 

Items included in the add on kit

  • Beaker Tray with (6) 8oz Jars and lids for your solution and rinse water
  • (3) Color coded Stainless Steel Anodes   ( Copper, Nickel, & Platinized Titanium Anodes are available for an additional cost)
  • Sample Plating Rack with alligator clip
  • Roll of copper wire 
  • 8 oz 24K Bright Gold Solution (Bath) 
  • 16 oz Electro - Cleaner Solution
  • 16 oz Surface Activator Solution

*** Additional Solutions Available***