If you have bench-top plating projects that require multiple steps, the Universal Plating Kit is the perfect choice. This kit can improve your efficiency and the quality of your work. It can be set up quickly and includes all of the supplies that you need to plate these multi-step projects without the fuss and mess of having to switch out tips, handles, or solution receptacles.

Gold Plating Universal Plater Kit

Whether you are plating with copper, nickel, or 24K gold, the Universal Plater Kit can help you get the job done with ease. The kit comes with a simple-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial. Full-color photos will guide you through the set up and use of the machine. You will also have unlimited free technical support, allowing you to get tips and guidance from our experts who have years of plating experience.

Universal Plater Kit content:

  • Console / beaker tray (analog voltage display control panel enables specific voltage control and resolution to 1/10th volt)
  • Plating assembly with fast set-up and mistake free connections for application handles • AC wall voltage power converter (works with any input current, specify your needs when ordering)
  • (3) Combination fine select / brush plating application handles and leads
  • (1) Common lead (comes with alligator clip)
  • (3) Type-316 stainless steel brush plating bits
  • (12) Solution application sleeves
  • (1) each of working and fine-select solution beakers
  • (6) High-density fine select gold plating tips
  • Solutions include:
    • (1) 1-oz jar of 24K high concentration pen plating gold solution containing 1.4 grams fine gold (enough gold to cover 220 square inches to a thickness of 20 micro-inches - 0.5 microns) $165.00*
    • (1) 4-oz jar 24K brush plating gold solution gel with two grams fine gold content (enough to cover 300 square inches to a thickness of 20 micro-inches - 0.5 Microns) $165.00*
    • (1) 8-oz bottle each of bright nickel plating solution, electro-cleaner solution, and surface activator solution.

The Universal Plater Kit is perfect for a variety of jobs, including gold plating on guns, knives, and more. Happy customers comment on the excellent return on investment with this kit. “You can flip your money back quick with this,” said one client. Other customers appreciate the longevity of the supplies, commenting on the large number of projects that the chemicals cover. Still other owners of the Universal Plater Kit laud the “great support” from Gold Plating Services.

*Note that the Universal Plater Kit cannot strip chrome prior to plating, but we do have a Universal Plater-Chrome Edition for chrome projects. The Kit is available in a U.S./Canada version and an International version.