24k Gold Solutions

Hardened 24K Gold Plating Solutions  - Demand the best! Years of research and meticulous analysis have produced gold plating solutions of exceptional quality and value. Predictable, reliable, and consistent results make our solutions perfect for the hobbyist and research scientist alike. Our batch tested solutions are formulated for their intended use making high quality plating both accessible and efficient.  Due to the vast differences in the different plating methods, gold content varies greatly from solution to solution. Gold content of the solutions does not affect the final luster or color of the gold plate. Rest assured, the cost of the solution is based strictly on the amount of gold contained, not the volume of the solution

Bath Gold (Immersion Plating) is advantageous if an entire item, or multiple items require a consistent layer of gold plating.  A (+)positively charged lead wire is clipped to an Anode which is stationary in the bath of our proprietary gold plating solution.  The item to be gold plated is attached to a conductive wire rack or alligator clip charged with a (-)negative current lead wire.  The entire part is dipped into the solution and allowed to plate for a duration of time (generally 3-5 minutes).  The longer the item is left in the gold plating solution, the thicker the layer of 24k gold will be.  This gold plating solution was designed with a lower gold concentration for maximum affordability and efficiency.  Since a higher volume is required to fill a beaker that will fit your parts, the gold content per fluid ounce is substantially lower than that of our other solutions.

Brush Gold Brush gold plating is a method of electroplating that allows you to plate specific areas of an item.  With brush plating: an 'application handle' fitted with a cotton 'application sleeve' is dipped into the solution.  The gold plating solution is carried in the sleeve.  A (-)common lead is attached to the item you are plating, and a (+)positive lead is plugged into the handle.  When the gold plating solution is "brushed" onto the item, the electrical circuit is completed and the gold bonds to the item in the area you brushing.

Pen Gold Pen gold plating is a style of brush plating that allows for ultra-fine detailed electroplating.  A 'fine-select' absorbent pen plating tip is inserted into the 'application handle', then dipped into the high concentration Pen Gold plating solution.  The high gold content and superior formulation of our 'Pen Gold Plating solution', along with the "Sharpie" like 'fine-select' tip, provide a unique opportunity to apply a rich 24k gold to areas as small as 1mm with outstanding precision.

Wondering which gold plating solution to buy?

While searching for the best gold plating solution you may have noticed that throughout the whole industry there is dramatic price differences per fluid ounce of gold solution.  For example, you may have found 32oz of gold solution for only $100; where as our 2oz of solution costs about the same amount.  The most important factor to consider when shopping for a gold solution is 'fine gold content'.  A gallon of solution could cost $100 but may only have .1g of fine-gold content.  We sell our gold plating solutions with a verified, optimal solution volume/gold-content ratio.  For over 25+ years we have fine-tuned our gold plating solutions to be as efficient, reliable, and have as little of waste as possible.  So when you're considering who to buy your gold solution from consider this: how much money per gram of actual gold-content are you paying?