Rose Gold Plating Solution - Brush
Rose Gold Plating Solution - Brush Rose Gold Plating Solution - Brush Rose Gold Plating Solution - Brush Rose Gold Plating Solution - Brush

Rose Gold - Brush Plating Solution (Cyanide Based) This Rose Gold electroplating solution is specially formulated to plate a rich rose gold color over existing gold plate (can also plate onto nickel or other surfaces with a similar finish).  A stainless steel anode is required. 

Electro-deposited Rose Gold is an alloy of gold & copper. The gold content is low and is not quantified by karat. There is enough gold to prevent corrosion of the copper which is much harder than gold. This is why properly plated rose gold wears very well. 

This solution can be sensitive to voltage - the recommended voltage is 6 volts. Too high of voltage will result in a dark deposit. This solution deposits slow; make sure the sleeve is fully saturated and dip frequently for best results. 

We recommend adding a clear coat or surface protector to the finished plate to help with the longevity.

This product can ONLY be shipped within the Continental US and must be shipped UPS - Ground.

Check out our Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them.  

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be found HERE

Technical Data Sheets (TDS) can be found HERE

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Customer Reviews

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Rose Gold Brush

Buyers beware this product doesn't work as good as the videos make it out to be. A customer of mine asked if I could rose gold a few small pieces so I gave this product a try
but sadly its not the rose gold neither one of us were hoping for. I should've checked the reviews before purchasing!!! I called the customer service department about this issue and was basically told that since I opened it she couldn't help. Poor customer service skills my opinion!

jacob keskes
bottle arrived partially unsealed

bottle arrived partially unsealed. was a rather nasty surprise when i opened the box without gloves or a mask on.

James Webb
Great product

I was at first skeptical this would work. But after I got it at home and started work the rose gold in the metal, it started to come alive and shine. I use it all that weekend. But the results were remarkable. I will have to get more now because my friends want their items to look this good. So jealous they are. LOL