Universal Plater Kit

Universal Plater Kit  gives you the equipment you need to quickly setup and plate projects without the bother of constantly changing tips, handles, or solution beakers.

Gold plating is a fun, satisfying process that can be incorporated into many different types of businesses or personal projects.

The Universal Plater Kit comes with complete instructions and everything needed for gold plating onto most conductive metal surfaces. With the Universal Plater, gold plating is easy to learn; the kit includes a step-by-step tutorial that guarantees your first plating experience will be fun and successful. If you ever have questions about other types of work we provide unlimited free technical support.

*This kit is not capable of stripping chrome. Please refer to our Universal Plater - Chrome Edition if you need to strip chrome prior to plating. Chrome Stripping Solution will not work with this version.

Universal Plater Options

Option 1 - Standard Universal kit - All included items are listed below.

Option 2 - Includes all items in standard kit plus - (1) 8 oz Wood's Nickel Strike to plate onto stainless steel.

The standard Universal Plater kit Includes:

  • (1)  Universal Plater Machine - This kit will NOT plate onto chrome surfaces
  • (1) 12 volt, 6 ampere power supply
  • (3) Color coded Combination Application Handles, complete with Stainless Steel 1/8" to 1/4" Conversion Bits (Anodes) and Common Lead Wire with with Alligator Clip.
  • (1)  1/8" Stainless Steel Bit
  • (1) 1/8" to 1/4" Nickel Conversion Bit (Anode for the Wood's Nickel Strike)
  • (9) 1/4" Application Sleeves - 3 already on handles ready to plate.
  • (3) 1/8" Applications Sleeves
  • (3) Ultra fine Pen Plating Tips
  • (3) Medium Pen Plating Tips
  • (1) Additional 4 oz Select Working Solution Beaker
  • Safety Goggles/Gloves

    Chemicals included in the Universal Plater Kit:

    • (1) 1 oz bottle 24K High Concentration Pen Plating Gold Solution. 
    • (1) 4 oz bottle 24K Brush Plating Gold Solution 
    • (1) 8 oz bottle Bright Nickel plating solution 
    • (1) 8 oz bottle Electro-Cleaner Solution 
    • (1)  8 oz bottle Surface Activator Solution

    Option 2 Includes all items above as well as: 

    • (1) 8 oz bottle Wood's Nickel Strike - Only with Option 2 (Needed for plating onto stainless steel surfaces.) 

    Option 3 Includes all Equipment and Accessories, NO SOLUTIONS. 

     *IMPORTANT: The International Version of the Universal Plater - Option 2 with Wood's Nickel Strike will NOT include ready to use Wood's Nickel Strike. This solution must ship by ground transportation only. Therefore, we cannot ship this solutions to any destination requiring air transport. 

    Woods Nickel Concentrate can easily be fabricated into Wood's Nickel Strike Solution, instructions are included with your purchase. You will need Woods Nickel Concentrate, Hydrochloric Acid and Distilled water.

    Setup Instructions can be found HERE

    Check out our Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them.  

    Safety Data Sheets (SDS)  can be Found HERE

    California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

    Plating onto Stainless Steel - Option 2 Setup

     Plating onto Nickel - Option 1 Setup

    Gold Plating a Stainless Steel Knife - Option 2 Setup

    Gold Plating onto Guns - Option 2 Setup

    Please watch this video to learn how to prep your sleeves:

     Using the Universal to Gold Plate a Katana

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Adrian Lopez Hanson

    Worked perfectly and easily

    Daniel Slattery
    Good Quality Setup

    Haven't used it yet, but the quality of the equipment is very good, not junky or garage made kits like others. Just waiting on more solutions I had to order after the fact. Product is good, customer service is leaving something to be desired. I think they know what their doing, but brush you off with canned emails and links. Time will tell. But as for equipment and setup, 5 stars all day.

    Vincent Watson
    Worked perfect

    Got this kit to plate all the accent parts on a 1911 worked out beautifully 1st try ... (even skipped the practice piece and went straight to the project) as long as you get the prep work done right and follow the instrustions i dont see how you could mess up

    Donald Grims

    Did a couple of practice pieces. Turned out nice. Instruction video very helpful. Really like the kit.

    Eudice G.
    A pleasure to buy from. Excellent in every way

    I haven’t used it yet but I have gotten such excellent service from them. They have so much info with videos, written instructions, helpful people who you speak to when you call to ask questions, or when placing an order. You can submit questions about all products, right next to the item. I was so lucky that i saw this kit when I did , as i got this for $150 off..
    They pack your order very well and ship the same day.
    Just wish they would send an email with the daily sale items every day as they sell so many things and you have to look thru them all to see what is on sale.
    This is really a wonderful business as they run it the way businesses used to run. Terrific.