Bright Nickel Module

Bright Nickel is the most common plating applied as an underplate for other finishes such as bright gold. A bright nickel plate enhances the luster and finish quality of any properly prepared surface. Bright nickel is also a fairly hard surface that can be used as the final plate. Bright nickel plating requires the proper anode material, good temperature control, and solution agitation. When plugged into 120 V household current and attached to a suitable power supply the ProLab cm Bright Nickel module provides everything needed for plating bright nickel plate onto properly prepared surfaces. The Bright Nickel Module provides the proper anodes, precise temperature control, adjustable solution agitation, and a titanium bus bar to hang the work rack on. 

The Bright Nickel module set up comes complete with:

  • (1) Power Tower and accessory components
  • (1) Heated 5000 mL glass beaker with titanium anode frame
  • (1) 2000 mL rinse beaker
  • (2) ProLab Bagged Nickel Anode Inserts
  • (1) ProLab Air tubing Add-on (Air Pump not included)
  • (1) Gallon Bright Nickel Solution
  • (1) 1000 ml Bottle of Bright Nickel Solution

Power Supply is not included

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