Chrome Stripper Module

Virtually any chrome plated item has a bright nickel plate under the chrome. To plate with gold or any other metal onto a chrome plated item it is necessary to chemically remove the chrome and expose the underlying nickel.  Chrome stripping requires the proper anode material and operational polarity. When attached to a suitable power supply the ProLab cm Chrome Stripping Module provides everything needed for chemically removing chrome from properly prepared surfaces. The Chrome Stripping Module provides the proper anodes and a titanium bus bar to hang the work rack on. 

The Chrome Stripping Module comes complete with:

  • (1) Power Tower and accessory components
  • (1) Non-Heated 4000 mL glass beaker with Titanium Anode Frame
  • (1) 2000 mL rinse beaker
  • (4) ProLab Stainless Steel Anode Inserts
  • (4) 32 oz Bottles of Chrome Stripping Solution 

Power Supply is not included - MUST SHIP UPS GROUND