Woods Nickel Strike - Bath or Brush (International Customers)



Wood's Nickel Strike is used as an activator for stainless steel items prior to gold plating.

*This solution requires a Bagged Nickel Anode 

Due to the Hydrochloric Acid in this product we can not ship it internationally. However, we can ship the Nickel Chloride Concentrate to easily be fabricated into Wood's Nickel Strike Solution. 

**Item's Needed: 125 ml of Hydrochloric Acid, 100 ml of Nickel Chloride Concentrate, & Distilled water.

Items Included in order:

(1) - 100 ml of Nickel Chloride Concentrate will make 1 liter of Solution. 

Safety Data Sheet for Nickel Chloride Concentrate.

Safety Data Sheet for Wood's Nickel Strike Solution.

Technical Data Sheet for Wood's Nicke Strike Solution.