Bright Palladium Plating Solution - Bath or Brush
Bright Palladium Plating Solution - Bath or Brush Bright Palladium "White Gold" for Bath or Brush Plating Bright Palladium "White Gold" for Bath or Brush Plating Bright Palladium "White Gold" for Bath or Brush Plating Bright Palladium "White Gold" for Bath or Brush Plating

Bright Palladium Solution This platinum group metal solution plates with a premium white color and does not require a rhodium over plate. It is tarnish resistant, very durable and nickel free. This solution plates quickly and produces stunning results. 2.5 grams Palladium per liter/1000 ml.

What you will need to use this solution properly: 

This solution requires a Bagged Graphite or Platinized Titanium Anode. 

Our Bright Palladium Solution Bath is an electroplating bath that requires the proper equipment and supplies to be used. We recommend electroplating equipment such as our Universal Plater, Jewel Master Pro HD  or the ProLab cm which will have everything you need for most applications including the following minimum required items.


Proper bath maintenance is an important part of producing consistent plating results. Maintaining the palladium content of the solution is probably the easiest and most effective part of maintaining your bath. Low content can be the source of several problems ranging from inconsistent plating rates. Don't throw out your palladium solution just because the levels are low. Restore your palladium levels simply by adding our Palladium Replenisher to your existing bath. 

Replenishing your solution is easy. You can add to an existing Palladium bath with an unknown palladium content to bring the content up to factory levels. For the most predictable content, we recommend that you use our Palladium Replenisher to add the amount of palladium you estimate a project will consume prior to starting the project. It is important to note that under normal conditions, “too much” palladium doesn’t have any detrimental effects. 

Each gram of Palladium is capable of covering 508 square inches to 10 micro-inches (.25 micron) thickness.

Minimum Required Items

  1. A source of direct current voltage with a controllable voltage range of one to six volts, (1 VDC - 6 VDC).
  2. A suitable container to hold the solution. 
  3. A Platinum  or Graphite Anode to apply the positive electrical charge to the solution.
  4. A means to heat and maintain temperature.
  5. A common lead or ground clip that will provide electrical connectivity from the negative (-) terminal of the power source and the item being plated.
  6. A plating rack to hold the parts in the solution and provide electrical contact with the negative terminal of the power source.

Check out our Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them.  

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be found HERE

Technical Data Sheets (TDS) can be found HERE

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.




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